It’s in bloom

Great day for dining alfresco – give it about an hour to sun the chill off the morning

Minnie Pancakes

We love to delight!

And with plenty of fresh fruit, it’s a meal that stays with her.

Easter Scallop Special

Scallops with roasted fresh vegetables, and corn pico, served on wild rice.

At Carmen’s, it’s all cooked fresh to order. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but the results are worth it!

We’ve Got The Thyme!

I’m so sorry, we kind of ran out of thyme yesterday, but today is a brand-new day and we have plenty of thyme on our hands!

Stop in and have a great thyme with us! We’ll have plenty of thyme all day until it runs out.

Spring Thyme At Carmen’s

Celebrate spring— nothing to do with daylight savings, but get a bunch of extra thyme today from Carmen’s!

We have been praying so long for just a bit of extra thyme at our week, and now that we’ve got plenty, we’re passing some on to you.

Free while supply lasts.

I love it when Carmen fixes my plate!

Mini-Cuban Eggs, with bacon & plenty of fresh fruit

Just my size!

Food For A Queen Or King

Carmen made me a sampler, just a taste of everything we are serving tonight.

Except for desserts! And there’s always room for dessert!

Blueberries In Every Bite!

Cranking our way through a case of blueberries. They go fast, because Carmen has a heavy hand with them, making for the juiciest, sweetest pancakes you’ve ever tasted.

Sometimes she puts in so many fresh berries the pancake falls apart. No problem for me, I get to eat the failures!

How do you like your apple pie empanadas?

Apple Pie Empanadas!

We offer them with powdered sugar as shown, or drizzled with Crème Anglaise or chocolate syrup. Some people like them plain, some take them with maple syrup!

Apple pie empanadas, made the way you like them. Hurry up, we don’t have many left!

Blueberries Are In!

The winter season for blueberries is upon us, and they are fantastic! These are the tastiest blueberries you will ever have, and ripe and juicy.

When Carmen makes blueberry pancakes, it’s like she has a contest with herself to see how many she can cram into a single flapjack. I’m a blueberry pancake fanatic, and these are the best I’ve ever had.