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2015 Metroland Reader’s Poll:

Best Breakfast 2nd Place;  Best Brunch 2nd Place; Best [???] add your own category Best Cuban Food

2014 Metroland Reader’s Poll:

Best Tapas/Small Plates 1st Place; Best Breakfast 2nd Place;  Best Brunch 2nd Place; Best Caribbean 3rd Place; Best International 3rd Place; Best Cuban/American 1st Place (write in)

Metroland Best of Food & Drink 2014: Best Cuban: Carmen’s Cafe

by Metroland Staff on July 24, 2014 ·

But you already knew we made the best Cuban food!
In addition to the six— yes, count ’em, six— 2014 Metroland Reader’s Poll wins, Carmen just snatched the prize for Best Cuban.

We know there was never a Best Cuban before but they created the category just for us. We’ll call that a win!

And that was before we had all these garden fresh tomatoes on hand–Imagine what we’ll be doing with them all week!


Metroland Readers Poll 2014 Names Carmen’s Cafe #1 Tapas/Small Plates!

Metroland Readers place Carmen’s Cafe six categories!

Best Tapas/Small Plates
1. Carmen’s Café
Carmen’s used to be South Troy’s secret. But the Cuban breakfast and tapas are too good to keep quiet.

Best Breakfast
2. Carmen’s

Best Brunch
2. Carmen’s Café

Best Caribbean
3. Carmen’s Café
Carmen’s waged a good write-in campaign for Best Cuban food, but Roy’s takes top honors when all Caribbean islands are included.

Best International
3. Tie: Yono’s and Carmen’s Café

Best Cuban American (write in)

1. Carmen’s Café

On behalf of all of us at Carmen’s, we thank you for your support!

Regional Magazines

Metroland Magazine: Best of Food: Best-Kept Secret

Capital Region Living Magazine: Best of Food & Drink April 2012 Best Tapas/Small Plates #2 Carmen’s Café, 198 1st Street, Troy

From the Blogs

The Mouse House Kitchen: Carmen’s Cafe: A Troy Treasure

Zee Lemons: Troy goodness: Carmen’s Cafe

We have won other awards as well, a bunch of them, from Hudson Valley Magazine, from Capitalland, the Times Union and others.  We used to encourage our patrons to vote for us, and take a lot of pride in honors like these.

But life goes on.   As we have spent more years cooking delicious food, we have come to realize that it’s not about awards, it is about making every meal count.  About doing our best on every day, on every dish we serve, to make the food as fresh, as tasty and as appealing as we can.  We like to think we have learned a thing or two about cooking and running a restaurant, but the longer we do it the more we realize there is no end to the improvements you can make:  in flavor, in texture, in the dining experience, and in the hospitality you offer and love you put into each and every thing you do.  Perfection?  We still chase it, but not the same way.  Now we feel that perfection comes in the grace we put into every gesture, into everything we do.  Thanks for helping us by giving us a chance to practice our grace.

If you enjoyed your experience at Carmen’s Cafe Please tell others. If you didn’t enjoy your experience, please tell us so we can make it right for you.

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