Steve Rein

Meet Steve Rein

Troy Dude Paints and Animates

Hard to imagine, time flying by so quickly, but Steve’s show comes down Sunday. Here’s your chance to meet him and ask all those questions you’ve been just dying to: Do you model for your own paintings? Does your talent come naturally? Can I have your autograph?

Steve’s a great guy and his art hits a note that’s hard to miss, especially if you remember the America he paints. Yes, that was once me, and more of us than I care to say. So earnest, so striving, so AMERICAN. It took a whole lot of 1960s to get from there to here. Plus 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and more.

Open tonight 4-7, Thurs Sept. 10 from 4-7, with Jim-Gerale, Sangria, tapas snacks and guacamole.