Black Bean Omelets Are Back!

My favorite, Black Bean Omelettes!

Black bean omelettes are back. A delectable concoction of retried black beans, onion, tomato, cilantro, and just a hint of jalapeño. Melt on a generous helping of extra sharp cheddar and too with a dab of Lime Creme and— voilá!

On special now at Carmen’s.

Carmen’s New Outdoor Dining Area

We love the idea of sitting down to a delicious, relaxing breakfast surrounded by Herbs, flowers and beautiful colors. We built this dining area with joy in mind!

Come check it out this weekend. Takeout, delivery and indoors also available, but with scenery like this why bother?

A Perfect Day At Carmen’s

What a beautiful day! I’m celebrating with avocado toast!

Avocado Toast With Bacon

Just another way to spell “Yummm!” At Carmen’s

Mama’s Day

They brought us into the world, they raised us from pups to the wonderful people we are now. It’s time to celebrate mothers everywhere!

We have two wonderful meals— Grilled Salmon and Lollipop Lamb Chops.

Finish them off with a choice of three desserts: Carmen‘s famous Flan, rich Vanilla Cheesecake, or Death By Chocolate Cake. Want a topper for that? Try our Red or White Sangria special! All available for takeout this weekend.

Order now, to be ready when you want it. Or try our fast, friendly delivery service!

Tostada Day

Hooray,Hooray for the Second of May,
It Sounds to Us like Tostada Day!


“OK Carmen, make my day,” I said.
Next thing I know she laid this down in front of me.
Wow! Mission accomplished.

I Love Huevos Rancheros

Well, I love the mashed black beans for one. And I love the way they play off against the spiciness of the chorizo – it’s like the chorizo lights a fire and the black beans put it out. Then you add the sweetness of the eggs and the piquancy of the Ranchero sauce – what a great dish!

The Ricardo

Manchego and Chorizo in a three egg omelet— The Ricardo. One of our mainstays, along with the Lucy and the Little Ricky.

Cuban food at its finest!

Special This Weekend— mushroom Omelet

Special this weekend — mushroom and shallot omelet, set off with a generous layer of extra sharp cheddar. Pile on the home fries and brown some toast, breakfast is a-comin’ on home to you.

Bacon, chorizo or veggie hash? Spectacular! Cream those eggs? Absolutely! Carmen, the Breakfast Queen!

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