Return of the Buffet Breakfast Sunday May 15

Due to popular demand, Carmen’s will have another Buffet Breakfast on Sunday May 15.

Help yourself to:
Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs with Chorizo
Flamenco Stew

Blueberry Multigrain Pancakes
w/ pure maple syrup
Fruit Plate
w/ homemade yoghurt dip
Cheese Platter
NEW! Macrobiotic Breakfast Porridge
both macrobiotic and vegan:
Rice and Buckwheat stewed with mixed vegetables, topped with tahini and tamari
Rice & Beans
Fried Plantains

Coffee, Tea, Juice

Adults… $12, Children under 12…… $7— and don’t forget to tip the waitress!

Enjoy a breakfast buffet at Carmen's Cafe

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