Bacon bacon bacon

Getting ready to serve a lot of breakfasts

Ranch Eggs

Chase away the winter blues with Ranch Eggs.

Two Eggs, your style, with chorizo or veggie hash, mashed black beans, toast or English muffins, ranchero sauce and lime crema.


Special Potato Pancake Special

Piebald potato pancakes!

For this weekend, we made a mix of sweet and white potato in the potato pancakes. Bounce from the garlicky white potatoes to the soothingly sweet potato pancakes from bite to bite.

A taste pleaser, plated with eggs any style, chorizo or veggie hash and a small salad.

75 and Sunny

We make our own weather, and it’s 75° and sunny here at Carmen’s. We are warmer than Florida, and twice as friendly!

Happy New Year

Here we are, six days into the 2018, and we are thanking you all just for being there.

Carmen’s way of saying Happy New Year? Passing out potato and carrot chips to all of our customers, for as long as their last.

1 January, 2018 11:14

Come in out of the cold and warm up with our Cuban Eggs..
And ask for a taste of our new soda, Banjo.

Embrace the cold

I love the icy mornings! Sweeping the walk when it’s bitter cold makes the bacon sweeter and the coffee hotter. The eggs are fresher, the toast browner, and the blueberry pancakes juicier.

Face the bracing cold, then snuggle into a delicious warm breakfast!

Christmas Eve Potluck

Every year we have a party get the community. Everyone is invited, we put out the basics and everyone brings a dish to share.

This year Balloon Gal Jenny went over the top and brought Santa and his sleigh, with Rudolph pulling it.

We all raved— so beautiful, so expressive! What an artist!

Tilapia Breakfast

Light and delicate with a butter-wine-lemon sauce that is not to be believed!

Carmen’s tilpia breakfast special delights the palate and gives you the fortitude to brave the cold winter mornings.

With a potato pancake and grilled veggies, it hits all the notes.

You Snooze, You Lose

Steak and Eggs, an American classic.

We start with a beautiful cut of filet mignon, and add a generous helping of Carmen’s garlic mashed potatoes. Grace it with a side of grilled vegetables and mushroom jus, and top it with two eggs cooked your style. A delightful breakfast, dancing on the palate and wonderfully filling.

We only have a few, and they are going fast.