Robert Brainard Trio— Jazz

Jazzmin, AKA The Robert Brainard Trio July 20th


Eggplant Sliders—grilled, with sliced avocado and a guava sauce, served on a multigrain roll

Chicken Croquettes—fried golden and tender

~Tapas Specials FRIDAY July 20th~

Fried Chicken Thighs, w/ spicy mango sauce, served with rice and beans

Pork Pernil, marinated and slow roasted, served w/yucca fries

Pan Seared Red Snapper, w/ a pineapple cilantro salsa, served w/rice and seasonal veggie

Cuban Mac & Manchego Cheese, w/avocado and roasted red pepper, topped w/ toasted bread crumbs


Pulled pork sandwich on a portuguese roll, w/pickled onions and manchego cheese

Vegetarian Flamenco, served w/ 2 eggs and a portuguese roll—w/o eggs (vegan)

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