Sauces— Hot & Fresh!

That’s Black Beans on the upper right, one of our signature dishes. Cooked with a touch of Jalapeño, just warm enough to cool you down.

Going clockwise, there’s Roasted Pepper Coulis for the Flank Steak— tangy and tasty, the perfect complement.

Next it’s Spicy Mango Sauce for the Crispy Fried Chicken Thighs, topping off the Rice & Beans that come on the side.

Down in front we have Pea Purée, side by side with the Creamed Cauliflower. Veggies never tasted so good, or went down so smooth especially when we top them off with Crispy Polenta, seasoned lightly just like you like it.

And what’s that, down below in the cooler out of sight? It’s a favorite of ours, Mango-Black Bean Salsa, setting off the Pan Seared Rainbow Trout.

All cooked fresh and on-site, here at Carmen’s Café!

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