Tapas Specials / Collar City Ramble

We smoke our own Chorizo, fresh and natural—
no chemicals or preservatives added!


Wouldn’t a nice splash of Sangria go down smooth right about now?
(also available in NA versions)
Try our superb selection of Wines & Beers!

Tapas Menu for Friday, August 9

 Cuban Meat Loaf
w/ Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Veggie

Roast Chicken
w/ Brown Rice & Beans

Shrimp in Coriander Cream Sauce
Over Rice & Veggies

Hummus Trio
served w/ Crudité & Grilled Pita

Interested in Walking/Biking Trails in Troy?


Carmen’s is happy to support the Collar City Ramble
Recreation and Alternate Transportation Trail
Read more about it at

Mark your calendar for
Michael Century’s
Collar City Ramble Benefit
w/ Kimberly Dolansky & James Hanford
Playing  Classics & Originals: Porter, Gershwin, Glass, Strauss, Ravel, Cage & More!
Friday, August 30

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