Great New Vegan Cheese!

Grilled Cheese


Thanks to our Vegan friends for the suggestion:  We now have Daiya Vegan Cheese.

Yes, it is cheese, and yes, it is vegan—  no animal products used.  We put it on vegan bread, of course.  We find it a bit bland, so we spice it up with roasted onion and jalapeño spread—  it has just a touch of heat, but incredible flavor.  It’s shown here with our homemade sweet potato chips, though we are serving it today with potato wedge fries and Brussels sprouts cole slaw—  the finest, most delicate cole slaw you will ever eat.

If you are not Vegan, don’t be afraid to order it, it’s honestly a good sandwich.  And you can still have the traditional cheddar alternative.

If you know of a food or product that would make our menu sing, don’t hesitate to mention it.  It might be just the thing we are looking for!

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