Yogini Discovered in South Troy Garden

YoginiSouth Troy has been called many things,
but never Divine

Visitation to South Troy Bistro Causes Stir

Bistro Owner Carmen Gonzalez was cutting into a garden fresh sweet pepper Tuesday when she was stopped in her tracks. “I almost dropped the knife on my toe. I just couldn’t believe it!” said the restauranteur.

There, in the heart of the pepper, was a Yogini!

She noted that Albanians, living in the shadow of the State Capital or near the Governor’s Mansion, are used to visits from the Divine. South Trojans have not been so lucky— until now.

The Yogini, an emanation of the feminine aspect of the Divine, appears deep in meditation, bowed over in an attitude of worship. Or bent backwards, gazing in awe at the Heavens. It is said that divine Beings appear differently to everyone.

I picked up my spoon and stirred the picadillo for all I was worth,” said breathless Carmen. “When you are blessed, you cook while the griddle is hot!

Ms. Gonzalez later confessed she learned that saying from her mother.

2 thoughts on “Yogini Discovered in South Troy Garden

  1. Another sign to remind me to continue with my inconsistent practice. I have to ask, was the Yogini then spared or did she transcend to adorn a temple of greens?

  2. Rose— A reminder to all of us to continue with our practice. As to the Yogini, she ascended on a column of Omelet and is currently building strong bodies twelve ways. She’s— uuh, guiding us. Yeah, that’s it, guiding us.

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