PreRamble 2: Sept. 27

PreRamble 2

PreRamble 2— Bigger and Better than Ever!

  • Free Helmets for Kids
  • Bike Safety Course
  • Free Bike Tuneups
  • Walking and Biking Tours of Washington Park, the Burden Iron Works Museum and the New Riverfront Trail

Upstate Kayak Rentals will bring their boats to the Troy Boat Launch at Ingalls Ave for the PreRamble 2.  Rent a boat for $10 an hourStoryHarvest:  Finishing up with Free Concerts at Freedom Square

StoryHarvest: Finishing up with Free Concerts at Freedom Square

Ramble Challenge— If 50 people pledge to ride to work for a week, an anonymous donor gives us $1000 to buy bike racks for around Troy. Come to our booth at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday to enter and win a chance for a free kayak ride!

The PreRamble is a celebration of human-powered transportation in Troy.  It starts at First and River Streets, at the south end of the Farmer’s Market, on Saturday, Sept. 27.  It features sample lane markings, showing how the soon-to-be-built path will look, as well as intersection art, used to slow traffic at critical intersections.

Troy Night Out, 6 pm Friday Sept. 26:

Volunteers needed to help chalk intersection art and lane markings.  Meet at First and River Streets.

Farmer’s Market, 10-2 Saturday, Sept 27, centered at First and River:

10-11:30—  Bike safety course from the Troy Police Department—  free bike helmets for kids who need them, while they last

10-1:00—  Complete Streets Tours leaving from First & River.  Borrow a bike if you need one.

10-12:00—  Bicycle tune up station by Troy Bike Rescue

10:30—  Walking tour “State and Second” by the Rensselear County Historic Society leaving from the Information Booth.   Led by Stacy Pomeroy Draper.  $5

12:00—   Walking tour of Washington Park by the Washington Park Association leaves from the Transport Troy Booth at First and River.  Led by Lynn Kopka.  Free.

12:-3:00—  Self guided tours of the Burden Iron Works Museum, foot of Polk Street.  Get maps at the Transport Troy Booth at First and River

1-4:00—  Kayak rides at the Ingalls Ave. Boat Launch by Upstate Kayak Rentals.  $10/hr.  Maps available at the Transport Troy Booth, First and River

3:30-6—  Story Harvest:  Free concert by Nation Beat & Alex Torres and his Latin Orchestra, Freedom Square (101st & 6th Ave.)  Stone Soup:  Community Meal

prepared by the Chef’s Consortium.  All free.  Maps available at the Transport Troy booth, First & River

Enter the Ramble Challenge:  If 50 people bike to work for a week, an anonymous donor has promised $1000 for bike racks in Troy.  Enter at the Transport Troy booth and win a chance for a free kayak paddle!  Extra bonus, available to all:  Ride with the Mayor on Thursday, October 2 at Noon, leaving from Monument Square.  45 minutes.  Free, led by Troy Mayor Lou Rosamilia.

Email Andrea at to register, and get a chance to win a free kayak paddle!

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