Xocolate Season Is Upon Us!

Spanish Hot Chocolate, shaved from extra dark chocolate plus fresh squeezed orange and cinnamon. For toppers, we whip cream and grind nutmeg for a rch, deeply layered flavor

Spanish Hot Chocolate

Whipping down from the North Pole, the bitter wind of winter brings the cold. Our only recourse, the only way to fight back, is with Piping Hot Xocolate from the sunny plains of España.

The  gentle taste of sweet Orange and spicy Cinnamon distracts the cold while the hot milk and cream revive you, until the heady rush of fine 75% cacao German chocolate steps in to finish the job.  Revived!  Or the biggest buzz ever!

Whichever.  Old Man Winter defeated before he even grabs hold!

Week of Thurs. Nov. 13 to Sun. Nov. 16


By which we mean, breakfast any time, PLUS our lunchtime menu!

Cubano Sandwich: by popular demand—  pork, ham & swiss w/ mustard & pickle on Cuban bread


Check out our full menu!

Though for a real treat, come in and see what’s on our Specials Board


Arroz con Pollo traditionally stewed chicken cooked with rice

Pan-Seared Tilapia w/ lemon-white wine- cilantro sauce over rice

Carne Guisada: Spanish beef stew, marinated and slow cooked, just the way
you love it

Desserts: expanded offerings:

Chocolate Mousse
Pear Apple Tart
New York Cheesecake

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