Huevos Tostados / Lox & Goat Cheese Omelet / Banana-Pecan Pancakes

Huevos TostadosHuevos Tostados—Layers of flavor, Perfect savor!

Picture this: a crispy fried taco topped with home fries and chorizo or veggie hash, manchego cheese, and a pair of sunnyup eggs—  then some spring greens and avocado.  And don’t forget the ranchero sauce or the lime crema on top!

And yes, that is a small side of cucumber pico just to set it all off.

Lox Goat Cheese OmleteWhat do you get when you put Lox in Goat Cheese?

The best omelet that ever escaped from a bagel!

What’s that, you say?  Can you have it with Capers?

I’m glad you asked!
Of course we’ll pack it with capers!
And garnish it with
fresh fruit!
And give you a side of bacon, if you really love taste sensations!

Banana-Pecan PancakesBanana-Pecan Pancakes everybody’s favorite!

We pralinize the pecans— crunchy-crispy, sweet and spicy!
Then we wrap them in Banana Pancake batter, with a sweet taste of Orange Zest for that Tropical Cuban flavor.

Party the winter away!

Some whipped cream, some fresh fruit—
with 100% pure maple syrup!
Why?  Because we’re Carmen’s! And it tastes so gooooood!

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