Blueberry Pancakes / Huevos Tostados / Vote for Carmen’s / Tiffany Tour

Banana-Pecan PancakesCuba meets New England Blueberry Pancakes with pineapple-mango sauce! and FRESH blueberries! Light and fluffy, just what the doctor ordered to chase the wintertime blahs away! Some whipped cream, a little fresh fruit garnish—100% pure maple syrup! Why? Because we’re Carmen’s! And it tastes so gooooood!

Huevos TostadosHuevos Tostados

Layers of flavor, Perfect savor! Picture this: a crispy fried taco topped with home fries and chorizo or veggie hash, manchego cheese, and a pair of sunnyup eggs— then some spring greens and avocado. And don’t forget the ranchero sauce or the lime crema on top! And yes, that is a small side of cucumber pico just to set it all off.

vote-for-carmens-cafeVote For Carmen’s!

The perfect way to start the day!
So vote for us in the

Three ways to vote:
–Send in the ballot in Metroland
–Come in to Carmen’s and we’ll send it in for you

TiffanyWho has more Tiffany glass per square mile than anyone in the world?
Troy do!

What’s that, you say? Who has the most per person?

Also Troy!

And you can see it tomorrow night if you sign up QUICKLY for the Tiffany Tour, put on by the Gateway, of course, and benefiting all those places who house and care for these precious jewels. Call (518) 279-9779 for info.

And if you miss the boat, there will be another one sometime this year. The Gateway folks take their responsibility seriously!

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