Orange Pecan Pancakes

You tasted it here first— Carmen’s famous Orange Pecan Pancakes, topped with fresh-made from scratch Orange Butter.

Open today till 2, and Saturday & Sunday from 9-4. Start the New Year right!

We are always fascinated making butter– going from heavy cream (with a little salt and plenty of orange zest and juice) to whipped cream, to very heavy whipped cream, to grainy whipped cream, to a suddenly splashy mess as the whey separates and you have rich, golden butter.

You pack the butter into a ball and drain off the whey, and there you have it: fresh, sweet, orangey butter, rich with flavor. I can’t help but taste a pat or two, as eating what you’ve just made seems as natural as tasting whipped cream. Same difference, really, except for the whey.

Hey, whey? What do you do with that? Well, we save it so Carmen can put it in our Avocado Smoothies, along with Royal Jelly and fresh fruit. Builds healthy bodies twelve ways!

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