South Troy Movies Tonight!

Tonight at 8:30: Friends of the Gasholder is screening Cool Runnings, the story of the first Jamaican Olympic bobsled team. By turns funny and compelling, this 1993 film was a hit when it opened, telling the story of those plucky lads who wanted to go to the Olympics, even though Caribbean islands are not generally known for their bobsledding.

Friends of the Gasholder is running these movies on the second Saturday this summer, in order to raise awareness of the unique architectural beauty and engineering whizbang of this fantastic venue. Seen it yet? If not, it’s worth going just for that. Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway Director Michael Barrett will speak briefly about the Gasholder before the film, which will be held inside to be safe from any weather events that might occur. Limited seats are provided, it’s best to bring a lawn chair or blanket.

And what else could draw you to this magnificent event? Carmen’s donated Lime Créme, to be sold to benefit the Friends of the Gasholder. If you haven’t tried it at the Café or the Farmer’s Market yet, you are in for a treat. Best yet, it blends well with most spirits— our favorite is the Green Caribbean, made with champagne and a dash of Orange Cognac. It also makes dandy floats with Vanilla Ice Cream, hint hint.

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