Zap In A Cup

Zap In A Cup At Carmen’s

Great coffee— fresh, strong, rich and flavorful. Plus iced tea, caffeine-free chai, infused water, and fruit juice sodas. This week: grab a sample of The Shot, iced coffee with cherry, chocolate & cinnamon, made with Battenkill cream and maple syrup.

Carmen’s School Lunches
198 First Street
Troy, NY 12180

(518) 326-2064


Sunny Day

And the air is just perfect.

Can’t wait for my Avocado Toast and Mimosa

From The Mind/ Of A Single Long Vine/ One Hundred Opening Lives

Tomorrow night at The Egg, Friday 4/12 at 8 PM, Ellen Sinopoli in concert. Amazing story of a village under stress that heals itself, told through dance.

Carvings by Jim Lewis, costumes by Kim Vanyo. Artist’s talk at 7:15. One night only, not to be missed!

Photo by Gold.

Avocado Toast

Grilled ciabatta roll with guacamole and two eggs. Heap up The fresh fruits, Abby bacon, chorizo or veggie hash.

Breakfast for a King! (Or Queen!)

Flamenco Bowl

Huevos Flamenco In an organic sourdough bread bowl, topped with two eggs over easy. Dee-lish!

Tonight’s Concert Menu— Fri. 3/1

NY Strip Steak— w/ garlic-shallot mashed potatoes, plus caramelized Brussels sprouts w/ Manchego & balsamic glace

Grilled Salmon— w/ arborio rice; sour cream & dill sauce; and grilled veggies

Chicken al Jerez— cooked in mushroom-sherry sauce; served over basmati brown rice

Flamenco Stew— w/ grilled ciabatta roll

Picadillo— ground beef served Moroccan style, in a tomato broth with olives, onions, capers & raisins; served with rice, beans & plantains

Sandwich Cubano w/ potato frittes

Pulled Pork Sandwich w/ Carmen’s own mango-pineapple sauce

Beef Empanadas— either solo or with rice, beans & plantains

And for dessert:

Flan— Traditional Latin custard

Chocolate Raspberry Torte— Chocolate. ’nuff said

French Creamed Eggs

Fresh eggs with rich cream, w/ shallots sautéed in creamery butter. Add in all the fixings for a breakfast made in heaven!

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Sweet Potato Pancakes, Made with garlic, scallions, and sautéed sweet red peppers. Topped with two eggs any style, with a side salad, and your choice of chorizo, veggie chorizo, or bacon. Special this weekend!

State of the City

The State of the City message by Mayor Madden will be tonight at 7 o’clock.

Instead of Bush Memorial Hall, which was first announced, at the corner of First and Congress, it has been moved to the basement of the Robison gym. Go a block further south on 1st St. and it’s on the other side of the street, downstairs.

Potato Pancakes a lá Jacques Pepin

That’s a 10 on the Wow-O-Meter!!