518 Rainbow Hunt

Balloon Gal Jenny made this rainbow as part of 518 Rainbow Hunt. It was too big for one wall so we hung it on two!!

The timing was perfect. We’d just hung a beautiful show of Barbara Todd’s amazing work and were scheduling her reception when self-distancing hit. We wanted people to remember that there’s a beautiful rainbow after the storm, and if you don’t hold your head up you might miss it!

Put a smile on your plate

Breakfast is a happy time!

Takeout & Delivery- call (518) 326-2064

After Serving Breakfast

What do we do after serving takeout breakfast from 7 to 9 AM? We sit down and have a family breakfast, just the three of us, and relax for a moment and talk about our day coming up.

No reason the family breakfast can’t be relaxed and fun and beautiful! Here is what we had today.

Today’s Special: Takeaway or Delivery

Whether it is a Cubano Sandwich, with its juicy pulled pork; or mouthwatering Flamenco and a grilled Ciabatta roll, or just a glass of steaming hot Chai – we thank you for your patronage and are here to serve you!

Great Breakfasts!

French Creamed Eggs with Shallots:

And Steak and Eggs with Garlic-Chive Mashed Potatoes:

Both coming soon— and piping hot— to a table near you.

Avocado Toast

Fresh Guacamole on Ciabatta, topped with Eggs Easy, with homefries and a side salad. Can you say Yum?

Tiny Pancakes

Not very hungry, but craving something great. Three small blueberry pancakes hit the spot! Loaded with fresh fruit as always.

Avocado Toast — Rice Cakes

OK, you have had our avocado toast and you know how great it is. Try it with our homemade rice cakes!

We start with brown rice, add herbs and spices and bake them just so, then flash fry them for a crispy outside and soft inside. Top it with our own guacamole — Yum Yum! Hook that up with a side salad and some breakfast bacon – apple smoked.

A breakfast fit for a King or Queen

Black Bean Omelette

Back by popular demand — the Black Bean Omelette!

Mashed refried beans, simmered with fresh fried tomatoes, caramelized onions, cilantro, jalapeño and garlic. A generous handful of sharp Vermont cheddar, topped with a dollop of sour cream.

What a combo! What an omelette! What an incredible breakfast experience! With home fries and a side salad, to round out the plate.

These Rice Cakes Just Keep Getting Better

Now with grilled veggies.

The rice cakes themselves are still quite a thrill— with tomato and onion and spices and whatnot, baked then fried to crispy perfection. Fantastic!!