Minty Fruity Iced Tea

Minty Fruity Iced Tea at Carmen’s Café

Delicious thirst quenching tea, refreshingly iced to perfection. Hints of mint, orange and lemon— Minty, fruity iced tea, the perfect summer refresher! Pairs perfectly with a Cubano or pulled pork sandwich. The perfect answer to those summertime blues!

Available both at the Café and at Troy Waterfront Farmers Market

⁄⁄⁄¡¡¡Cuban Eggs— Si!!!

To the thousands of fans of Cuban Eggs, who have been pounding on the counter of our booth at the Farmers Market DEMANDING Cuban Eggs— ¡¡¡SI!!!We once again have Cuban Eggs at the Farmers Market.

First Rider on Riverfront Trail

Ribbon cutting TBA soon— Thanks to so many people for making this happen! This two block segment of the Riverfront Trail, with its first-in-the-Capital-District counterflow bike lanes, is open for traffic.

In no particular order, thanks to Mayor Patrick Madden, Deputy Mayor Monica Kurzejeski, planning director Steve Strichman, National Park Service Consultant Karl Beard, visionary Joe Fama, plus Barb Nelson, Lindsay Zefting, Andrew Lynn and oh so many others.

Sunday Benedicts

Seems like every Sunday lately we’ve been having Huevos Benedictus. Maybe that’s because they are so darned good!

Apple smoked Canadian bacon on a whole wheat English muffin, a pair of organic American hen-scratch eggs, and that smooth, creamy Hollandaise sauce— these eggs are a real international effort, and let me tell you, diplomacy pays off, they cooperate like nobody’s business!

Happy Onion Day!

Joyous Onion Day participants take part in the festivities

Black Bean Omelette

What’s better than a Black Bean Omelette?

Not much, my friend, not much.

Savory filling of mashed black beans, tomatoes, onions, garlic, jalapeños and cilantro— it really doesn’t get better than this!

Onion Day

Hooray, Hooray!
for the coming of May!
That means it’s time
for Onion Day!

Gift onion with your meal, while they last

Fantastic Clay Show @ Arts Center

Nancy Steckel retrospective – it is so great to see the work of someone who has mastered form and surface and decoration. So many pieces iconic in so many different ways. A wonderful artist – don’t miss this show!

The Arts Center— Broadway and River Streets— thru April 20

Huevos Benedictus

With fresh-made Hollandaise sauce and hickory smoked Canadian bacon.

We stick with the classics!

Easter Eggs Say Hello!

Huevos Benedictus: smoked ham with a delightful béarnaise sauce, poached eggs, home fries and salad. These eggs say hello to your tummy!