Good Morning from the Heart of the South Troy Arts District!

New Artist!

Abby Lublin by SusanBAnthonyDoes the name Susan B. Anthony ring a bell? And she came by it honestly!

Susan is from Brooklyn, and just loves Troy. So much that she’s writing a book about us— if by writing you mean taking pictures of everyday Trojans. And we’ve got a preview hanging on our walls. This is her photograph of our hero Abby Lublin, urban grower extraordinaire.

Meet her Saturday Feb. 21, from 5-8, when we throw our usual Grand Artist’s Reception. Dinner will be available, plus complimentary Cuban hors d’oeuvres.

Fire Drum by Jim Lewis of Springwood Studios

By Jim Lewis of Springwood Studios

What did YOU do for Christmas? Jim made drums for a numbew of people. Here’s the Fire Drum, made of cherry, blooddwood, and butcherblock oak.

See him for those extra special things, from furniture to sculpture to— yes, even counters and floors like Carmen’s.

Cookin’ With Chef Carmen!

Cookin' With Chef CarmenWho makes all that delicious food? Chef Carmen, mostly.

That’s not to say she doesn’t have help, but mostly it’s her back there, bringing us authentic Cuban recipes she was taught by her Aunt Matilda. And a few things she’s picked up since then.

Here’s a picture I took of her the other day. You can tell she was dreaming about springtime.

Pretty strong dream. I hope it comes true soon!

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