Cortado Art

Cortado ArtIs it a hooded disciple of the famed South Troy Yogini?
Or a perfect rose? And which would be more emblematic of the spirituality manifesting now in South Troy?

This South Troy Bistro is full of Spirit, or at least full of something, this week. You decide, we just present That Which Comes Forth. And take a look at what’s coming forth from our kitchen these days:

New Breakfast Special:

Breakfast of Kings
–Desayuno de Reyes

Gentle blend of flavors, tangy and sweet and sharp and spicy. Keeps you reigning all day, without raining on your parade!

Desayuno de ReyesDesayuno de Reyes
And this Desayuno (breakfast) is sure fit for a Rey (that’s king!
Two Eggs Over, topped with Pico (diced pickled peppers, but that’s another story for bedtime) on Veggie Hash, with sides of Croquettas and Fried Green Tomatoes.

Then jazz it up with a Cuban Coffee— a Cortado!

The Lure of the Cortado

What makes that Latte so sweet?

Cuban Coffee, called Cortado, is a specific way to make what might otherwise be called a Latte. You start with Cuban roast espresso beans— not burnt, like a French roast, but dark, rich, flavorful. Steam the milk just so— not as much big foam as in a Latte, but thickened with microfoam so it adds a dense, caramelly texture. Properly done, the sweetness comes from the milk, and contrasts pleasantly with the bitterness of the coffee.

You may like it with a small spoon of sugar, put real Cubanistas take it straight.

Image of Cuban coffee served in a cup