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Rock Hill Bakehouse comes to Carmen’s

after a visit to the mostest fantasticest bakery in the area, Carmen’s is carrying Rock Hill Breads. One taste won us over!

Try a Basket o’ Breads with our own whipped Strawberry Butter and a Cortado!

Empty Bowls Benefit for the Homeless

Oct 5th 2014 ~ 12-3pm Italian Community Center Troy NY 12180

Featuring many Troy restaurants, including your favorite, Carmen’s
What wonderful blend of savory and spicy will we bring this year? You’ll have to come and see! It’s all good, all for the homeless, AND you walk home with a handmade bowl, courtesy of area potters and volunteers.

A unique event to support the growing fight against the issue of hunger.

OCTOBER 5, 2014 ~ 12-3pm~ Italian Community Center ~1450 5th Avenue, Troy NY 12180

Gary Masline Faces & PlacesNew Art Exhibit: Faces & Places, works by Gary Masline

Showing Thru 2014

Gary loves Santa Fe, and it shows.

You may have seen Gary’s work around the area, he’s widely known. We like the way his paintings start to tell a story, then leave the rest for you to figure out.

Look for an artist’s reception toward the end of the month.

Gary Masline is a post-modern realist working exclusively in oils. His paintings utilize the colors and light of the American Southwest, where he spent time as a youth, and often incorporate figurative images to create narrative.

Masline believes the Southwest is one of the Earth’s centers of spiritual energy, an energy which animates artistic awareness. Realizing that a painting can feign a reality neither the artist nor viewer has seen, he concludes that people can be profoundly affected by images of western landscapes which they may never have experienced, or by events which are alien to their actual experience, but which through imagination or memory reverberate nonetheless in the viewer’s unconscious.

In this regard, Masline expresses images that are emblematic or totemic, their symbols and gestures generating “stories” in the minds of viewers. He paints with the understanding that art is meant to be provocative, and his hope is to provoke a conversation with the viewer responding to his use of color, light and body language to establish image, illusion or icon.

Masline’s previous creative incarnation was as a screenwriter. He reasons that, if one thinks of painting as consisting of line or drawing, color, and story or narrative, his paintings reveal him making films…just one frame at a time, illuminating a moment of truth, whatever that may be for the viewer.

In conceiving a work, Masline frequently is influenced by the poses and postures of newspaper and magazine advertising, whose defined reality and bland presentation collides with his personal interpretations of body language and locale. He concurs with artist Gerhard Richter, who has worked from photographs and said “I am fascinated by the human, temporary, real, logical side of an occurrence which is simultaneously so unreal, so incomprehensible, and so atemporal. And I would like to represent it in such a way that this contradiction is preserved.” Masline’s other influences are painters Edward Hopper, Balthus, and Lucien Freud.

This Week’s Specials:


French TaostBy which we mean, breakfast any time, PLUS our lunchtime menu!

—Which is why we are showing you a picture of French Toast with Fresh Fruit and Real Whipped Cream

Cubano Sandwich by popular demand— pork, ham & swiss w/ mustard & pickle on Cuban bread


Check out our full menu!

Though for a real treat, come in and see what’s on our Specials Board.

Friday Tapas Specials 10/3

TapasBraised Beef Short Ribs w/ herbed garlic mashed potatoes

Pan Seared Salmon in garlic cream sauce over saffron rice

Pernil slow roasted pork shoulder over saffron rice w/ chimichurri sauce

~Full Tapas Menu Here~

FlanDesserts: expanded offerings:


Raspberry Chocolate Cake