Our Food, Our Philosophy

CanalIce on the Canal—  The Poestenkill where it flows into the Hudson.  There’s still ice in the railroad bridge that’s nearly two feet thick.  And look at that beautiful stonework just beyond!  I’ll show you a picture of that sometime next month.  You’ll be amazed at Troy’s hidden treasures.

Something New at Carmen’s You might Have Noticed…

We have been working with flavors in a new way.  We write about them, here and in posts to our website/Twitter/Facebook, but I never feel like I am really describing what’s going on.  It’s something about layering flavors and textures—  making a Fritatta, for instance, with six different preparations in it, and the tastes all combine like magic.  Take any two, any three, or  hey, all at once, and you get an interesting combination.  It’s not that they are all the same savor, like for instance in a hearty stew, but that the flavors combine to make something larger than the whole.

It’s different than I’m used to, especially for breakfast.  And I can’t say enough about it because I think you’ll love it too.  But don’t take my word for it, come in and try some!  Ranch eggs, Huevos Tostados, Cuban Fritatta, Orange Pancakes.  All winners, all great, all part of that good ol’ Carmen’s magic!

What’s Snoo in the Snooze:

Cuban FritattaCuban Fritatta

Traditional Spanish dish done Cuban style—open faced omelette is Carmen’s newest taste treat!

It starts a lot like any omelette. Then you add potatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms, and sautéd spinach. Top with Manchego cheese, and leave it open faced.  Use the right spices, and POW, you have it!

While it’s true name is Tortilla Español, we felt it was too confusing—  Mexican tortillas are nothing like this omelette.  So we renamed it Cuban Fritatta, and it’s our most popular new special.

Huevos TostadosHuevos Tostados

Layers of flavor, Perfect savor!

Picture this:  a crispy fried taco topped with home fries and chorizo or veggie hash, manchego cheese, and a pair of sunnyup eggs—  then some spring greens and avocado.  And don’t forget the ranchero sauce or the lime crema on top!

And yes, that is a small side of cucumber pico just to set it all off.

Orange PaOrange PancakesOrange pancakes
 with 100% pure maple syrup!

Light and fluffy, just what the doctor ordered to chase the wintertime blahs away! Some whipped cream, a little fresh fruit garnish— 100% pure maple syrup! Why?  Because we’re Carmen’s! And it tastes so gooooood!

Fresh BerriesWould you believe it’s Berry Season?

Fresh Berries!

In the middle of Winter?  Well, technically, it’s Spring, and yes, they are good ol’ raised in the USA berries.  They are so special, and so good, we are offering them as a breskfast appetizer.  We give you a few as a garnish, but here’s your chance for a small bowlful.

Come in and enjoy the fresh goodness and natural phytogens of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries!

Next Week at Troy Night Out:

Kevin Maul and Friends– the area’s premier Dobro guitar player, with guest Peggy Lecuyer. Refreshments by Carmen


Jim-GeraleCarmen might do the food, but Jim makes the drinks.

Not the bartending drinks, that’s Paula.  You know, Bloody Marys and Margaritas and Mimosas and such. But Jim blends the sangrias, mixes the secret recipe for Jim-Gerale, brews iced tea, and pulls shots for Espressos and Cortados.  Truly, he steams milk like no other. And don’t worry—  Carmen tastes everything he mixes, and sets him straight if it’s wrong  ;?)

CarmenWinter Hours

Just open weekends till we can catch our breath: Saturday & Sunday 9-4

Of course, we’ll still open special for a private party.  Call us at (518) 326-2064