Happy Thanksgiving— See You Saturday!

Week of Sat. Nov. 29 to Sun. Nov. 30

Carmen’s is closed on Thurs. & Fri the 27th & 28th

We’ll Be Open Sat. & Sun!

Everyone needs time to be with their families. So, if we may suggest, schedule some downtime. Take that after-dinner nap, then talk– play a game– call someone you haven’t talked to in a bit. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Astrid-&-Mavis100% Pure

Did you know that Carmen’s offers nothing but 100% pure maple syrup for their pancakes and French toast?

Well, we do put homemade caramel on the Flan French Toast, but that’s another story.

We spend the extra money because it makes a difference— it tastes better, it’s better for you, and we love supporting family farms.

We are happy to get our maple syrup from the Davis Family Farm in Cambridge. If you want us to get you some, you know where to find us.

Vermont Farmer’s Market Sails To Troy

Vermont Farmer's Market Sails To Troy

Fresh from the Green Mountain State, Carmen’s loads up on 100% Maple Syrup

We got a gallon—enough for a lifetime for most folks, but it lasts us less than a month.  That’s because we serve only 100% genuine Maple Syrup with our pancakes and French toast. Tastes better, great for you, and that’s what Carmen’s is all about.