Carmen’s Annual Holiday Potluck: Thu. Dec 24th from 5–10PM

–Where the Sweet and Neat Meet and Greet since 2004

A Troy tradition, like Romeo and Juliet, Ham and Eggs, Oil and Water- Carmen’s and the Holiday Potluck.

We put out the basics— rice and beans, plantains and salad, picadillo and flan, sangria and Jim-Gerale. You bring a drink or dish to share (with label, sil vous plait!) and friends to share it with. We all have a grand time!

We start early: 5pm, so you can nip in for a quick hello if you are on to somewhere else. And we are here all night, so you can make this your destination. It’s always interesting, always new faces, always a great crew. Our way of saying thanks for the great times and we are glad to know you!

Special New Year’s Day Hours

—Join us as we try something new!

This year, we’ll be open from 9-2 on Friday, Jan. 1 – New Year’s Day- and 10-4 on Saturday & Sunday. We will have some amazing specials, like Orange Pecan Pancakes, Carmen’s Hearty Chicken Soup, and Paula’s Special Hangover Elixir! Recover from your holiday parties with some real food, from the only joint in town that’s open.

From then it’s on to the new year, and, unlike other times, we are staying open all winter. That’s right, you heard it here first: Carmen’s all winter long, for your brunching pleasure: 10-4 Saturdays and Sundays, with tasty food cooked fresh, and some of the finest specials you’ve ever tucked in to.

Annual Christmas Eve Potluck

Annual Christmas Eve Potluck at Carmen’s Café Monday, December 24, from 5-10

As the Potlatch tradition of the Northwest Native Americans was explained to Carmen:
When you have a good year, you naturally want to share it with your neighbors. You might invite them over for a celebration, and give them gifts like blankets to show your friendship.

Maybe the next year is great for them, so now they invite you over. They feed you, then give YOU blankets— the ones you gave them, plus some other new ones. By the tradition, their blankets are just as powerful a gift as yours, but the ones they give back to you are extra special— they have been given before, so have twice as much love woven into them. This can grow to hundreds of blankets, given back and forth year by year, a symbolic expression of a cherished relationship.

Carmen’s Café is Cuban-American, not from the Northwest, but they love the idea of Potlatch, that the spirit and intention of goodwill is more important than monetary value. They invite one and all to their annual Holiday Potluck on December 24 from 5-10. Carmen will lay out a basic spread— rice and beans, with picadillo, salad, plantains and yucca, with flan for dessert and sangria and spiced cider to refresh. Bring your own addition to share with all— drinks and desserts, main dishes and sides. Enjoy the spirit of giving and say a holiday hello to your neighbors.