Robert Gullie Reception Wed. Mar. 5 from 5-7

Bob GullieRobert Gullie Reception—Wed. Mar. 5 from 5-7

If you’ve been in Carmen’s during the past month, you’ve seen the work— striking images, interesting juxtapositions, sharp colors with interesting contrasts. That’s what makes Bob one of my favorite artists.

Meet the man himself, this Wednesday from 5-7. Ask questions as he discusses his work. I’m sure you’ll be impressed too.

At Carmen’s, we don’t take a percentage, so all proceeds go directly to the artist.

Dinner Available

When Carmen throws a party for an artist, she sets out a spread for all to enjoy. Sample our tapas and our red and white sangria.

We are open weekdays for lunches and light dinners from 11-6. You can order dinner until then as well. Wine, beer and cocktails available at our cash bar.