Sensemaya Trio / Tapas / Meet Lynn Kopka / A Splash of Color

Sensemaya Trio Hot Latin Jazz Friday, October 25
Shows at 6 & 8PM  $5 Cover Each


Tapas Menu for Friday, October 25

Chicken Soup

Cumin-Coriander Crusted Filet Mignon
w/ Roasted Potatoes & Veggie

House-Made Seafood Sausage
over Masa Harina (cornmeal) Pasta w/ Tomato Chili Sauce

Arroz con Pollo
Chicken Stewed in Tomato Broth
w/ Rice, Olives, Capers, Peppers and Onions

Cuban Gnocchi, made w/ Yucca
served w/ Sauteed Veggies & Cream Sauce


Apple Cheesecake

Meet and Greet The Candidate
Wednesday, October 30, 5 – 7 pm
Lynn Kopka
for Troy City Council
Tapas & Refreshments will be served

Ongoing Art Exhibit
Willie Marlowe
A Splash of Color
Paintings and Collages

Mayday Spun Glass
Collage Dyptich # VII, acrylic mixed media, 15 3/4″ x 20″

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