Carmen’s Amazing Menu / Victorian Stroll / The Nellies

—Open 9 am-7 pm, with music from 2-6

Cuban Meatloaf: Savory, spiced in the best Cuban tradition

Vegan Meatloaf: Same as above but vegan. With nuts, and not just the staff.

Sopa de Gallina: Spanish Chicken soup. Pretty much like American, except an awful lot of chicken.

Sopa de Vegetal: Vegan soup, stuffed with amazing amounts of nutritious goodness

Grilled Queso de South Troy Sandwich: Sharp cheddar, plus grilled onions and tomato. Perfect with the Sopa, or….. order empanadas with your soup — veggie or carne

Slow Jim Fizz: Jim-Gerale cocktail made with hard cider– a South Troy specialty
And, of course, Jim-Gerale

The-NelliesThe Nellies Return To Carmen’s Cafe for the Troy Victorian Stroll

—amazing alt-country band brings their friends

The Nellies get into the spirit of the party as they bring their freinds for a rotating lineup, a reunion of some of the most remarkable players and singers you’ve ever seen. They enjoy music and it shows. 2-6 pm

The Nellies and Friends Play the Victorian Stroll at Carmen’s

Troy Victorian Stroll This Sunday

—The Whole Town is Open!

VictorianStrollDress up in your Victorian finery, pass a few coppers to the urchins, and have a grand time! Don’t expect any snow, the weatherman says 50°. As usual, the best food and grandest times will be at Carmen’s— We are open from 9-7, the Stroll runs from 11-5, so come in afterwards for a song and a smile.

The-NelliesThe Nellies Return! Energetic rootsy, alt-country, Americana band —  to play the Victorian Stroll at Carmen’s. Who knows what their lineup will be this Sunday? They always bring friends, and each new player is better than the last. Listen in from 2-6, with breaks for Jim-Gerale and Cubano Sandwiches. Or a brewski and fries. Or whatever.

Kasius & Heard bring World Beat Jazz to Carmen’s

herdElizabeth Woodbury Kasius and Heard will play Carmen’s, Friday night, Nov. 21 at 6 & 8 moving us with their wonderful music. Two sets, reservations suggested. $5 cover.


Check out their website to get a listen.  Every time they visit, they make amazing tunes.

Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius – composer-pianist

HEARD New World Jazz The original repertoire of HEARD is the work of composer-arranger-pianist ELIZABETH WOODBURY KASIUS who brings a wide array of styles –jazz, classical and world music– into her captivating soundscape.

Jonathan Greene – woodwinds. Woodwinds player Jonathan is an active freelance musician in the New York Capital Region’s jazz, world and classical scenes.

Bobby Kendall – Bass. Bobby Kendall, bass, brings his great experience as a jazz, rock, and post-rock stand-up and electric bass player to HEARD.

Brian Melick – drums/percussion. Brian Melick is a percussive treasure who is known for his unique “hybrid” sound, built from his incredible collection of world music instruments.

Zorkie Nelson – drums/percussion/vocal. West African drummer Zorkie Nelson comes from a long line of Ghanaian master drummers and brings an exciting and deep richness to the music of Heard.

Tapas Specials / Expanded Dessert Offerings / Fall Music / Chardapalooza

TapasFriday Tapas

Pan Seared Halibut w/ Chopped Chard-Tomato Ragu & pineapple cilantro slaw

Roasted Vegetarian Napoleon w/ Roasted Red Pepper Coulis & Sautéed Swiss Chard

Costillitas de Cerdo— Cuban Spare Ribs w/ pineapple guava glaze

Pan Seared Beef Tournados w/ apple brandy cream sauce.  Tomato Jam w/ potato hash & sautéed chard

Cubano Sandwich by popular demand—  pork, ham & swiss w/ mustard & pickle on Cuban bread


~ Full Tapas Menu ~

DessertsExpanded Dessert Offerings:


Key Lime Pie

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Carrot Cake


Rainbow, Dinosaur, and Swiss Chard, Fresh Grown & Organic! What’s to become of it?

 A great veggie special, that’s what! Come in Friday for 
Roasted Vegetarian Napoleon.

also on the menu:

Cuban Sliders topped w/ caramelized onions & avocado


Music This Fall

Sensemaya – 9/19
Mundo Nuevo – 10/24
Elizabeth Kasius & Heard – 11/21
The Nellies – Victorian Stroll, 12/7
Mundo Nuevo – 12/19

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Mundo Nuevo Holiday at Carmen’s

Tapas Specials for Friday, December 13

Beef Chorizo Sliders

Butternut Squash Soup

Pan Seared Salmon
w/ creamy dill sauce over saffron rice

NY Strip Steak
w/ demi glace & crispy potato

Arroz con Pollo
chicken stewed in herbed tomato broth, slow cooked w/ rice, olives, peppers & capers

Asparagus wrapped in Eggplant
w/ fresh mozzarella & tomato lime sauce


Blackberry Cheesecake

Chocolate Cheesecake

Mundo Nuevo!

Friday, Dec. 13—
Sweet Latin jazz from the area’s best band
Shows at 6 & 8 pm   —   $5 cover
—dance to the music!
(reservations recommended)

Almond Crusted French Toast

Oh, My, it’s good!
French Toast, crusted with chopped almonds, drizzled with our own caramel sauce, topped with our own fresh-whipped cream, and garnished with fresh red raspberries
One taste and you’ll speak with an accent forever!

Party Hearty at Carmen’s!


Reserve a Table for a small party and we’ll serve you family style.  Is it a birthday?  Let us know and we will give you a special gift!

Pick A Time for your larger party and we’ll open just for you—  sit down or buffet, cash bar or open, with a special menu created just for you!

Remember, we make it ourselves:  Everything from the sangria and wine cocktails to the bacon and chorizo right on down to the ketchup.  We love to cook and we love fresh food!

Passero! Live Spicy Latin Jazz— tight rhythms of your favorite tunes Friday 11/22


Live Spicy Latin Jazz— tight rhythms of your favorite tunes 11/22. 2 shows 6 & 8PM, $5 cover #LiveMusic

Check out their music!

Friday Tapas Specials / Next Week: Passero / Willie Marlowe: A Splash of Color

Tapas Specials for Friday, November 15

Chicken Soup

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Carne Guisado
a bowl of Hearty Beef Stew w/ Fresh Veggies

Sautéed Mussels
in Light Tomato Broth, served w/ Grilled Roll

Chorizo Stuffed Chicken
served w/ Rice & Beans

Portobella Stack
w/ Grilled Veggies & Fresh Ricotta


Lemon-Ginger Cheesecake

Next Week—Passero!

Passero_WebSpicy Latin jazz ensemble from Kingston, playing tight rhythms of your favorite tunes.  Hear them online at
Two sets, starting at 6 & 8, $5 cover each.

Ongoing Art Exhibit

Willie Marlowe: A Splash of Color

Paintings and Collages

Shown:  Open Window and Spiral Light, Acrylics on Paper

Shown: Open Window and Spiral Light, Acrylics on Paper

Only The Freshest

We cook it fresh for you:  We cook it fresh because we love to cook and we love fresh food.  We like it when you compliment our food, our service, the way the place looks and makes you feel.  We love it when people have a good time!

We make it ourselves:  Everything from the sangria and wine cocktails to the bacon and chorizo to the mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup.  Like I said, we love to cook and we love fresh food!

Sensemaya Trio / Tapas / Meet Lynn Kopka / A Splash of Color

Sensemaya Trio Hot Latin Jazz Friday, October 25
Shows at 6 & 8PM  $5 Cover Each


Tapas Menu for Friday, October 25

Chicken Soup

Cumin-Coriander Crusted Filet Mignon
w/ Roasted Potatoes & Veggie

House-Made Seafood Sausage
over Masa Harina (cornmeal) Pasta w/ Tomato Chili Sauce

Arroz con Pollo
Chicken Stewed in Tomato Broth
w/ Rice, Olives, Capers, Peppers and Onions

Cuban Gnocchi, made w/ Yucca
served w/ Sauteed Veggies & Cream Sauce


Apple Cheesecake

Meet and Greet The Candidate
Wednesday, October 30, 5 – 7 pm
Lynn Kopka
for Troy City Council
Tapas & Refreshments will be served

Ongoing Art Exhibit
Willie Marlowe
A Splash of Color
Paintings and Collages

Mayday Spun Glass
Collage Dyptich # VII, acrylic mixed media, 15 3/4″ x 20″

Doc Scanlon Trio plays Carmen’s! Troy Night Out Friday 7-26

Call 518 326 2064 for reservations

Friday, July 26 Troy Night Out:

Doc Scanlon Trio
plays Carmen’s!

Doc Scanlon plays hot swing jazz of the 1920’s through the 1940’s, classic rhythm & blues, New Orleans Jazz, Motown and 1950’s & 60’s roots rock. His song list can include the great standards of Gershwin, Berlin & Porter as well as the hot jazz of Django Reinhardt, Fats Waller and Benny Goodman as well as the roots rock & roll of Elvis, Chuck Berry & Buddy Holly.

Shows at 6 & 8  Cover $5 each

Mundo Nuevo Troy Night Out Friday March 29th @ 6 & 8 PM

Mundo Nuevo Troy Night Out Friday March 29th @ 6 & 8 PM

Mundo Nuevo is a musical quartet that is dedicated to preserving the classic repertoire of the Spanish speaking Caribbean, Mexico and South America. Lush vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars, bongo and flute deliver the music of Rafael Hernandez, Miguel Matamoros, Armando Manzanero, Antonio Carlos Jobim and many more of the composers that make up the Latin American Songbook.

Mundo Nuevo