Thaw Out And Start Your Day Right

For Starters:

Spanish Hot Chocolate, shaved from extra dark chocolate plus fresh squeezed orange and cinnamon.  For toppers, we whip cream and grind nutmeg for a rch, deeply layered flavor

Spanish Hot Chocolate

Nothing like the classics, and Spanish Hot Chocolate takes the cake.  We shave Premium Dark Chocolate, add Cinnamon and squeeze in Orange Juice, then top it with our own Whipped Cream and Fresh Ground Nutmeg.  What a winner!

Later On:

Saki, Raspberries and more, plus that good ol' Carmen's goodness!

Raspberry Cosmo at Carmen’s!

Stock up on phytonutrients (yeah, that’s the ticket!) with a Fresh Raspberry Cosmo.  Introductory special, only 4!  (regularly 5)

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