Specials for the Weekend— January 25 & 26

Cranberry Walnut Pancakes
Photo of our new special: Cranberry Walnut Pancakes
Deliciously multigrain, from our own recipe.

Beef & Chorizo Sliders
w/ Swiss dijon sauce

Photo of our new special Beef & Chorizo Sliders w/ Swiss dijon sauce

New! Cranberry Cosmo

Get ready for our expanded hours. Starting February 5th we’ll be open
for weekday lunches on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday plus our usual Friday Nights and Weekends.

Raspberry Cosmo

Saki, Raspberries and more, plus that good ol' Carmen's goodness!

Raspberry Cosmo at Carmen’s!

As long as we can get these delightfully fresh, grown-in-America Red Raspberries, we are happy to serve delightful drinks like the Raspberry Cosmopolitan. Made with Saki so it’s light and treats your head right. NA version available.

Beef & Chorizo Sliders

Photo of our new special: Beef & Chorizo Sliders
You can tell we took our time with the picture, there’s only one left on the plate. Sure, we are happy to sell you just one, in this case there’s a side of Yucca Fries with it. But most people order two. They just seem to go down better that way.

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