Name That Dish And Win Your Breakfast!

Brand new special here, and they are selling like hotcakes. Problem is we need a name.

It starts with toasted buckwheat, fried in butter with caramelized onions, then topped with a pair of sunny side up eggs.

Buckwheat, aka Kasha, is actually a seed, not a grain. Naturally gluten free, it’s known for its nutty taste and the way it energizes you without filling you up. The flavor combines ob-so-well with the eggs and onions, like you wouldn’t believe. It gives you the go to last all day without slowing you down.

The contest? We need a name as great as the taste. Ideally it is short and snappy, maybe clever but not too clever if you know what we mean. You know Carmen’s, so of course you know what we mean.

The winner gets a full breakfast for two with all the trimmings. If the names are good enough, we may even give a second prize.

Carmen picks, and as usual her decision is final. I hope someone wins, because these breakfasts don’t just eat themselves!

But you know Carmen’s, so of course you know that too.

62 thoughts on “Name That Dish And Win Your Breakfast!

  1. I think you should use a name that speaks to the heathy aspect of buckwheat mentioned in the post above. Perhaps “Buckwheat Wakeup?”

  2. I am leaving this comment on what I think your special breakfast should be called here it goes I think it would sound good it should read on your menu under breakfast “Smiley eggs with a special twist that will melt in your mouth and you will come back again and rave to all your friends

  3. Buckwheat Egg Basket; a minor change but it does a better job of calling out the more exciting ingredient, the main attraction. The buckwheat is both nutritious and utilitarian. Plus it would save some ink on the menu.

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