We’re Smokin’ That Salmon

Wed. Feb. 26 to Sun. March 1

We’re smoking salmon! For Sandwiches now, for Tapas on Friday, and Salmon & Eggs on the weekend!

Wednesday, Thursday: 11-6

In a rush? Call ahead and we’ll get it started!

Friday: 11-10

Delivery for lunches, eat in Tapas dinner

Saturday & Sunday: 9-4

Same as it ever was!

Free Local Delivery Weekdays w/ $15 Minimum

—Check out our specials!


Cleanse your palate– build your body right with Carmen’s half and whole Garden Salads
–flowers optional.

Bob GullieArtist’s Reception: Bob Gullie

Bob is master of the odd  note. His colors are perfect, his images just slightly jarring. You know what you are looking at is truth and also that it’s not— a neat trick, and he pulls it off consistently.  Meet him, ask questions and see for yourself.
Sangria and Refreshments will be served Wednesday, March 5 5-7 pm.
Remember, when you buy art at Carmen’s, all money goes to the artist.

Apple PieM-m-m-m-m, Apple Pie

Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream—  Toasty warm pie, made fresh with fresh apples!

Other options:

Flan—  A Carmen’s tradition since forever

Chocolate Bread Pudding—  With ice cream if you please!

Chicken B.L.A.TSandwiches!

All w/ our own cole slaw and potato wedges:

Roast Beef... w/caramelized onions and manchego cheese on ciabatta roll

House-Smoked Salmon…w/bacon, lettuce, capers and tomatoes on rye

Mozzarella… w/sun-dried tomato tapenade on grilled sourdough


Mac and Cheese…w/ roasted red peppers & avocado

Or any of our regulars– check them out online!

Cubano SandwichThere’s always the Cubano

With real Pan Cubano! We have always built great Cubanos, now they are even better!  We start with Pan Cubano, authentic Cuban bread (or a Media Noche if you prefer, a bit sweeter and just as delicious. We layer it with Pork, Ham, Swiss Cheese, and Pickles, add a dab of Mustard and wow, what a flavor!


Get a cup or a bowl

Flamenco– yes, our favorite egg dish starts with a stew! And it’s great as a stew without the eggs. Available w/ chorizo or vegan
Hearty Vegetarian– w/white beans & seasonal veggies

Cuban BreadCuban Bread

straight from the source We are now importing Pan Cubano, made the Cuban way, all the way from the source— Papito’s Cuban Bakery in New Jersey’s Little Havana!  We drove down specifically to get these beauties, and we’ll be bringing them in fresh twice a week so our flavors are more authentic.  The little ones are Media Noches (middle of the night), a sweeter bread and just as tasty!


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