Kasha Sunrise Wins It!

two eggs over kasha & caramelized onions, served w/ avocadoIt was as much fun judging as eating—  68 entries, some with as many as ten names!  But Carmen trudged through, in between laughter and amazement—  the sheer audacity of Uncle Bill’s “Carmen’s Sunny Runny Oniony Lil Rascals” left us wondering how long it would take Paula to write down the order, but earned him the runnerup’s prize—  the new Kasha breakfast or a hot Cubano Sandwich, your choice.

Some we loved, but just didn’t seem right for our menu, like “2 Bucked Up Eggs,” by Chuck.  It’s great to see Carmen laugh so hard.  Same story for “Buck ‘N’Cluck,” by Carol Werner.  Likewise the Kasha or the Cubano for both of you.

The Grand Winner is Kasha Sunrise, submitted by Ken and Mike.

It wasn’t what we were thinking of, but when the name hits you, it hits, and there is no denying.  Thanks, guys—  you get a complete breakfast for two, with all the trimmings, as promised.

Wait! The rest of you—  don’t go away! We wouldn’t leave you in the cold.  Everyone who entered, come in this Friday, March 14, and have a sip on us.  Sangria, Minty Iced Tea, or our new Jim-Gerale, a low sugar, strong ginger alt-soft drink.  Make it between 5:30 and 7 and we’ll have a plate of appetizers out and be on hand to share the good cheer.

Cubano Sandwich BitesFine details:  Prizes must be claimed in person in the next month—  thru April 13 (drinks are only this Friday, 3/14).  Print out your email notification as your ID.  For sangria, you must be over 21.  Call us at (518) 326-2064 with questions.

Thanks for entering!

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