Thank You – Thank You – Thank You!


Metroland Reader’s Poll came out, and we’re in it!

Thank you for your votes— thank you for any time you mention us to your friends or online. Thanks for scheduling your meet-ups here, for hiring us for catering, for your wonderful support.

We try to give you the best food at reasonable prices, in the nicest atmosphere. It feels wonderful to be acknowledged!

Your votes placed Carmen’s Cafe second in two categories and the “add your own category”: Best Brunch, Best Breakfast and Best [???] add your own category Best Cuban Food: Carmen’s Café.


Pico Express

Chopped Pickled Peppers and Manchego Cheese, cooked to perfection. Garnish just so, add the sweetest, crispiest plantains you will ever taste, and a ramekin of Pineapple Slaw.

A breakfast to die for!