We’re Back!

Saturday & Sunday July 5 & 6

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We’re Back!

We took three days to catch up and cook great stuff
Seems like the whole neighborhood took pix of the doe and fawn.
This one by new neighbor Eric Floess.  Amazing!

Breaking News: Basil Pickfest!
Bounteous basil buffet bounces billings at boffo bistro
Look for the specials below

Another amazing menu turns culinary world on its ear!
Get ready to rock your weekend at Carmen’s

Organic BasilHoly Basil, Batman!
Our favorite herb  The wonderfully spicy fragrance of basil tells us that summer is really here.  Some of the best meals I’ve had are a sun ripe tomato, some fresh mozarrella, and a sprig of basil.

We just picked four pounds of this wonderful gem, so look for organic garden fresh basil surprises on this weekend’s menu

Free BeverageFree Beverage!
We love it when you talk like this

The movie Chef  has brought in more people…  And we are showing our appreciation.  For the next few weeks, bring in your ticket stub and we’ll give you a complimentary beverage with your Cubano.

Come in with Sophia Vergara, and the whole meal is on us.

berriesWhat a taste!
Our own little blueberry patch is wow! flavor packed!!  Soon we’ll be hiring pickers to bring in the harvest. It doesn’t get more local than this!

Craft BeerCraft Beer
Check out this list   and help us grow it over the summer.
Tell us what you love and we’ll keep adding!

Nine Pin Cider by Nine Pin Ciderworks
Leisure Time and
Hoponius Union by Jack’s Abbey
Raspberry Ale by Dark Horse
Scotch Ale by Black Isle

Go Green Take The BusGo Green
Take The Bus
New faster express service from CDTA
find out more about it at THe Atrium, Tuesday, July 8 from 6-8.  Or at Albany Academy Thursday, same times.

Breakfast TreatsBreakfast Treats

Sweet Basil Pesto & Sundried Tomato Omelet
Wow, doesn’t that sound great?

Farm Fresh Peach Pancakes
Made with–  what can we say? —  Peaches!

Honey Goat Cheese  French Toast
w/ blueberries.  Love them blueberries!

What is PestoWhat is Pesto?
We make so many, and often NOT with basil
While traditional pesto is made from basil, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts and Parmesan, it doesn’t have to be that way.  The word comes from pestle, and means anything that’s pounded, as in, a green sauce for pasta, meat, fish or whatever.

Here at Carmen’s we often use arugula, mint, parsley, and cilantro in addition to basil.

Private PartyPrivate Party for you & your friends!
The food is cooked, the tables are set, the guests are arriving, and you have hardly lifted a finger.  Don’t worry, we’ll clean up afterwards.

Book Carmen’s for the night, and we’ll cook your favorite dishes better than you have ever tasted them.

Call Carmen
for details!
(518) 326-2064

What Ya Got Besides CubanosWhat Ya Got Besides Cubanos?
Don’t think you’re gonna diss a sandwich named after a nation
Cubanos are fantastic.
S-l-o-o-o-w roasted pork shoulder, ham, Swiss, and pickle, grilled on an authentic Pan Cubano. Dee–lectable!

fresh mozzarella, fresh basil (see above and left), red ripe tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil on sourdough bread.

Featured Artist Francelise DawkinsFeatured Artist: Francelise Dawkins
Thru September. Look for the reception at the end of July.
When you buy art at Carmen’s, all proceeds go to the artist