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We’re all spruced up and ready for the New Year!

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Of course, we’ll still do a party if you call ahead!

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New Artist!

Does the name Susan B. Anthony ring a bell?  And she came by it honestly!

Susan is from Brooklyn, and just loves Troy.  So much that she’s writing a book about us — if by writing you mean taking pictures of everyday Trojans. And we’ve got a preview hanging on our walls. This is her photograph of our hero Abby Lublin, urban grower extraordinaire. Abby Lublin by SusanBAnthony

Meet her Saturday Feb. 21, from 5-8, when we throw our usual Grand Artist’s Reception. Dinner will be available, plus complimentary Cuban hors d’oeuvres.

Art Reception Today 5—8pm Meet Francelise Dawkins: Textile Collagist

Francelise Dawkins—Meet the Artist, discuss her work

Since she was a young girl, Francelise has collected fabrics. As an artist, she snips and sews collages— sometimes figural, sometimes abstract. Meet her this Thursday, Aug. 7, from 5-8 pm and discuss her work over Tapas and Sangria.

Yes, we’ve done it again, Carmen’s has scored another amazing artist and is showing some of her best and prettiest work. It’s the perfect time to take some home with you— at Carmen’s we don’t charge the artist a commission, so all proceeds go directly to Francelise.

First Time! Besides serving Tapas Samples, we’ll be serving Tapas Dinners! Limited selection, but if someone should, say, ask for an authentic Cubano Sandwich we’d be happy to oblige!

Francelise Dawkins

Collages, whether made of words, paper, objects or cloth, have always been my means of expression. In 1988, I first coined the term “Silkollages” to introduce my meditative concept in textile collages to interior designs. Then in 1992, I added “Ethnikollages” to re-activate cultural interests. My collages are either embroidered into miniature quilts, or framed into window boxes. When large and three-dimensional, they become hanging art quilts or soft installation pieces. Abstract or representational life forms as dancing shapes seem to multiply in my work. I draw them out of colorful cloth from Asia, Africa and Europe to visually create a blurring of boundaries between such cultures. As a collage maze is formed, the viewers are invited to enter it. If my playing on fabric brings the viewers to rethink the multiplicity expressed, an expansion of their own true awareness might occur. What I seek is an element of uncensored, emotional surprise, beyond multicultural reality. I am on a spiritual exploration, deepening my sense of what it really means to belong to the human race. It is about exploring that sense of oneness, born out of welcoming the difference we are.

Francelise Dawkins is a Parisian “textile collagist”, living in the U.S. for over two decades. She first studied Fiber Arts at the Art League School of Indianapolis before moving to NY, where she developed her meditative concept for interior designs in textile collages. She has since exhibited or taught at the American Craft Museum in NYC, the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the NY State Museum in Albany, NY, and other renowned venues. One of her installations was part of the “Putt-Modernism” show at the Hyde Collection Museum in Glens Falls, NY. Writing about her art, she had essays published, such as the one on intuition in Margaret Blanchard’s book: “From the Listening Place”. She designed the art cover for Gisele Pineau’s French novel: “L’Espérance-Macadam”. Many of her pieces have been shown in magazines, on cable network TV and books, such as Carolyn Mazloomi’s contemporary art quilt book: “Spirit of the Cloth”. Her work is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of the American Quilter’s Society in Paducah, KY.


Artist’s Party!

Featured Artist Francelise DawkinsFrancelise Dawkins Thru September

Fabric collages—so precise, so delicate, so detailed.

Save The Date:  Thursday Aug 7 5-8 pm

Online Portfolio

When you buy art at Carmen’s, all proceeds go to the artist.  We take no cut or commission.