Ice Cream—Huevos Tostados—Lox and Chevre Omelette—Artist’s Reception

icecreamIf it wasn’t Vegan we’d call it Ice Cream

–but it’s smoother and creamier than any ice cream we’ve ever tried, and we make it here at Carmen’s!

Help us name it and win a bowlful, with all the trimmings

I mean, if it isn’t ice cream, what is it? We aren’t asking about what to call the flavors— yet!!

So far, we’ve tasted Vanilla and Chocolate. I want to try Cubano Pecan, with our famous Cuban Sauce, and Carmen is holding out for Lemon Zest.

Huevos TostadosHuevos Tostados: Layers of flavor, Perfect savor!

Picture this: a crisped tortilla topped with home fries and chorizo or veggie hash, manchego cheese, and a pair of sunnyup eggs— then some spring greens and avocado. And don’t forget the ranchero sauce or the lime crema on top!

And yes, that is a small side of cucumber pico just to set it all off.

Lox and Chevre OmeletteLox and Chevre Omelette

Smoooth blend of tastes make a delicate dish

Goat cheese (chevre) and lox, capers and onions fill a delicate spring omelette

Michael Gwozdz & Renata MemoleMichael Gwozdz & Renata Memole

Saturday April 25 Reception— 3-6pm

Carmen’s will be open with tapas samples and a light dinner menu till 6. Meet & greet the artists!

C’mon, folks, this is what makes Troy such a fun place!