Carmen’s Amazing Menu / Victorian Stroll / The Nellies

—Open 9 am-7 pm, with music from 2-6

Cuban Meatloaf: Savory, spiced in the best Cuban tradition

Vegan Meatloaf: Same as above but vegan. With nuts, and not just the staff.

Sopa de Gallina: Spanish Chicken soup. Pretty much like American, except an awful lot of chicken.

Sopa de Vegetal: Vegan soup, stuffed with amazing amounts of nutritious goodness

Grilled Queso de South Troy Sandwich: Sharp cheddar, plus grilled onions and tomato. Perfect with the Sopa, or….. order empanadas with your soup — veggie or carne

Slow Jim Fizz: Jim-Gerale cocktail made with hard cider– a South Troy specialty
And, of course, Jim-Gerale

The-NelliesThe Nellies Return To Carmen’s Cafe for the Troy Victorian Stroll

—amazing alt-country band brings their friends

The Nellies get into the spirit of the party as they bring their freinds for a rotating lineup, a reunion of some of the most remarkable players and singers you’ve ever seen. They enjoy music and it shows. 2-6 pm

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