Carmen’s Amazing Menu / Victorian Stroll / The Nellies

—Open 9 am-7 pm, with music from 2-6

Cuban Meatloaf: Savory, spiced in the best Cuban tradition

Vegan Meatloaf: Same as above but vegan. With nuts, and not just the staff.

Sopa de Gallina: Spanish Chicken soup. Pretty much like American, except an awful lot of chicken.

Sopa de Vegetal: Vegan soup, stuffed with amazing amounts of nutritious goodness

Grilled Queso de South Troy Sandwich: Sharp cheddar, plus grilled onions and tomato. Perfect with the Sopa, or….. order empanadas with your soup — veggie or carne

Slow Jim Fizz: Jim-Gerale cocktail made with hard cider– a South Troy specialty
And, of course, Jim-Gerale

The-NelliesThe Nellies Return To Carmen’s Cafe for the Troy Victorian Stroll

—amazing alt-country band brings their friends

The Nellies get into the spirit of the party as they bring their freinds for a rotating lineup, a reunion of some of the most remarkable players and singers you’ve ever seen. They enjoy music and it shows. 2-6 pm

The Nellies and Friends Play the Victorian Stroll at Carmen’s

Troy Victorian Stroll This Sunday

—The Whole Town is Open!

VictorianStrollDress up in your Victorian finery, pass a few coppers to the urchins, and have a grand time! Don’t expect any snow, the weatherman says 50°. As usual, the best food and grandest times will be at Carmen’s— We are open from 9-7, the Stroll runs from 11-5, so come in afterwards for a song and a smile.

The-NelliesThe Nellies Return! Energetic rootsy, alt-country, Americana band —  to play the Victorian Stroll at Carmen’s. Who knows what their lineup will be this Sunday? They always bring friends, and each new player is better than the last. Listen in from 2-6, with breaks for Jim-Gerale and Cubano Sandwiches. Or a brewski and fries. Or whatever.

The Nellies at Carmen’s Cafe – Troy Victorian Stroll

The NelliesThe Nellies at Carmen’s Cafe – Troy Victorian Stroll:
When: Sun, Dec 7, 2014 | 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Where: Carmen’s Cafe, Troy, NY

The Nellies will be playing as part of Troy’s fabulous Victorian Stroll at Carmens Cafe in Troy, NY. The Nellies will feature Karen Ann on guitar, Peggy Lecuyer on mandolin, Kevin Maul on dobro and the amazing Gene Lemme on the bass.

Carmen’s Cafe serves wine, beer and delicious eclectic small plates and is located at 198 First Street, Troy, NY 12180 – phone – (518) 326-2064. Note that First Street runs one-way heading south.

For More Information Call: (518) 326-2064