Meet Astrid & Mavis

Astrid-&-MavisHardworking hens from Davis Family Farms

Astrid (the owner) works hard too!

We get a lot of eggs from the Davis Farm. You may have noticed– the creamier taste, the proud, round yolks, the fluffy texture.

Mavis (the hen) enjoys life on the farm. She eats organic food, and every week her coop is moved, letting her scratch a new feedlot. There’s a friendly labrador to keep her company and scare away the foxes. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Oops, yes it does— have breakfast at Carmen’s with fresh (hours fresh, not weeks old) hen scratch eggs!

What Do We Eat?

Carmen and Jim have been changing their diet. Away from sugars, GMOs and wheat. Toward more rice and veggies. We were out of beans this morning, but had broccoli, so this is what we had instead of Cuban Eggs.

Two farm fresh eggs, poached, with steamed broccoli and brown rice topped with pico.


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