Dangerous on Decaf

Friday August 24th  Dangerous on Decaf—  Blues, Jazz, Rockabilly

Three friends playing rock, folk, blues –
Offering jazz and Latin their dues;
A few jug tunes to add some spice,
With maybe some naughty and maybe some nice!
Drinking coffee is part of the share
Trying to keep the caffeine spare,
Cause these three players don’t need much
To keep their motors hot to the touch!
Pickin and drumming and singing the songs
With Dangerous on Decaf your night can’t go wrong!

Cafe open from 5–10pm with music in two live shows from 6–7:30 or 8–9:30 5$ Cover.
Call 518 326 2064 for reservations

Tapas Specials for Friday, August 24

Chicken Breast Wrapped in Cuban Pancetta
w/ Mango-Black Bean Salsa
over Saffron Rice & Plantains

Strip Steak Au Jus
w/ Pureed Yucca & Seasonal Veggie

Pan Seared Salmon
w/ Red Pepper Coulis
over Saffron Rice & Veggies

Polenta Cakes
w/ fresh mozzarella & Sauteed Veggies


Sat & Sun August 25 & 26

Steak & Eggs
w/ Home Fries & Toast

Pan Seared Salmon over Greens
w/ Avocado, Tomato, Onions & Mango

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