Weekend Specials/Farmer’s Market Menu

Weekend Specials

Gluten Free Pancakes: an amazing recipe—  Carmen has been tweaking it all week, and I get to sample! They keep getting better and better, and they started out pretty great. With our own Mango–Banana–Peach purée

Vegan Eggs: Mock eggs jimmied up (love that word!) from groats and polenta. Served with roasted veggies and plantains (shown above)

Chilled Cucumber-Dill Soup: you tried her gazpacho, now taste the way she’s elevated a traditional recipe.  Perfect to beat the heat!


Farmer’s Market Menu

–we’re now cooking eggs!


  • Gluten Free Pancakes w/ mango-banana-peach purée
  • Chilled Cucumber-Dill Soup

Plus some favorites:

  • Flamenco
  • Cuban Eggs
  • Picadillo
  • Empanadas
  • Cubano Sandwiches

Topped off with Vanilla and Chocolate Egg Cremes, Minty Iced Tea and Jim-Gerale

And CocoLoco for dessert!