Weekend Specials and Farmer’s Market Menu


Weekend Specials

Gluten Free Pancakes: an amazing recipe— Carmen has been tweaking it all week, and I get to sample! They keep getting better and better, and they started out pretty great. With our own Mango–Banana–Peach purée

Black Bean Omelet: Light but it’s got staying power! Black beans with garlic, tomato, onion and cilantro. Sounds Mexican but it’s Cuban now! (shown above with fruit, but we’ll serve it with salad, guacamole and English muffin).

Farmer’s Market Menu:

–we’re now cooking eggs!


  • Black Bean Omelet
  • Plus some favorites:
  • Cuban Eggs
  • Picadillo
  • Empanadas
  • Cubano Sandwiches

Topped off with Vanilla and Chocolate Egg Cremes, Minty Iced Tea and Jim-Gerale



—Vegan “ice cream” made fresh!
We’ll have it at the Café and Farmer’s Market this week.  Double Chocolate, Vanilla, and Butter Pecan.  All coconut-based, smooth, creamy and delicious!


Vote for Carmen’s Cafe in Metroland’s Readers’ Poll 2015

vote-for-carmens-cafeVote for Carmen’s Cafe in Metroland’s Readers’ Poll 2015

Metroland’s Readers’ Poll for 2015 is out!

Now is your chance to vote for Carmen’s Cafe for a multitude of categories:


Best Cuban

Best Tapas/Small Plates

Best Caribbean

Best Cuban/American

Best Breakfast

Best Brunch

Best Sandwiches/Subs

Best ___?____ Add Your Own Category! (Cuban-American)

 Click Here to Cast Your Vote!

Kasius & Heard bring World Beat Jazz to Carmen’s

herdElizabeth Woodbury Kasius and Heard will play Carmen’s, Friday night, Nov. 21 at 6 & 8 moving us with their wonderful music. Two sets, reservations suggested. $5 cover.


Check out their website to get a listen.  Every time they visit, they make amazing tunes.

Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius – composer-pianist

HEARD New World Jazz The original repertoire of HEARD is the work of composer-arranger-pianist ELIZABETH WOODBURY KASIUS who brings a wide array of styles –jazz, classical and world music– into her captivating soundscape.

Jonathan Greene – woodwinds. Woodwinds player Jonathan is an active freelance musician in the New York Capital Region’s jazz, world and classical scenes.

Bobby Kendall – Bass. Bobby Kendall, bass, brings his great experience as a jazz, rock, and post-rock stand-up and electric bass player to HEARD.

Brian Melick – drums/percussion. Brian Melick is a percussive treasure who is known for his unique “hybrid” sound, built from his incredible collection of world music instruments.

Zorkie Nelson – drums/percussion/vocal. West African drummer Zorkie Nelson comes from a long line of Ghanaian master drummers and brings an exciting and deep richness to the music of Heard.

Ride Bikes with the Mayor / Freedom Square Free concert / Mouth-Watering Specials


Thurs. Sept. 18 to Sun. Sept. 21 Take the challenge!

Anonymous Donor Puts Up Long Green for Bike Racks
Ride with the Mayor: noon Thurs. 10/2 from Monument Square
A heartfelt donor came back from health problems by riding a bike, and wanted to give something back at the same time as he showed others a key to health— exercise.

Our anonymous donor put up $1000 for bike racks for Troy. “Troy has none!” he moaned. “Get some already! You want people should just flop their bikes on the sidewalk? What is this, third grade!???!?”

The details were quickly dumped on Andrea Davis, who doesn’t have enough to do already. She is hunting down matching funds so we have more reach with this generosity, plus figuring out who and how and all the other questions.

Here’s the skinny— We need 50 people to ride their bike to work or school for a week, starting with the PreRamble Festival on September 27. Email Andrea at diyRestoreit@gmail.com to register, or stop by the Transport Troy table at the Farmer’s Market. You’ll get a chance for a free kayak paddle at the PreRamble when you sign up. Plus a 45 minute ride with Mayor Lou Rosamilia on 10/2!


PreRamble 2  Sept. 27

  • Free Helmets for Kids
  • Bike Safety Course
  • Free Bike Tuneups
  • Walking and Biking Tours of Washington Park, the Burden Iron Works Museum and the New Riverfront Trail

Upstate Kayak Rentals will bring their boats to the Troy Boat Launch at Ingalls Ave for the PreRamble 2.  Rent a boat for $10 an hourStoryHarvest:  Finishing up with Free Concerts at Freedom Square


StoryHarvest 3:30-6 September 27 at Freedom Square

Free concert featuring Nation Beat plus Alex Torres and his Latin Orchestra
Chef’s Consortium prepares healthy food for a free community meal

How many different ways can you say free in one story? But it’s all wonderful and all free!

Help out w/ food donations: have extra fruit or veggies from your garden? Bring them to the Sanctuary for Independent Media, 3361 6th Ave N. Troy, Fri., 9/26 noon-4 or Sat. 9/27 from 8am-noon.


New Breakfast Special: Desayuno de Reyes

And this Desayuno (breakfast) is sure fit for a Rey (that’s king!
Two Eggs Over, topped with Pico (diced pickled peppers, but that’s another story for bedtime) on Veggie Hash, with sides of Croquettas and Fried Green Tomatoes.

Then jazz it up with a Cuban Coffee— a Cortado!


¡Lunch! We make it great, fresh cooked and tasty!

Cubano Sandwich by popular demand— pork, ham & swiss w/ mustard & pickle on Cuban bread


Check out our full menu!

Though for a real treat, come in and see what’s on our Specials Board


—Tapas Friday

Gambas al Ajillo Grilled Jumbo Shrimp in a garlic and wine sauce over cous cous

Braised Beef Short Ribs over mashed potatoes

Pernil Pulled Pork over saffron rice w/chimichurri sauce

Mejillones en Salsa Verde Mussels sauteed in a garlic-parsley green sauce

Tapas Specials / Expanded Dessert Offerings / Fall Music / Chardapalooza

TapasFriday Tapas

Pan Seared Halibut w/ Chopped Chard-Tomato Ragu & pineapple cilantro slaw

Roasted Vegetarian Napoleon w/ Roasted Red Pepper Coulis & Sautéed Swiss Chard

Costillitas de Cerdo— Cuban Spare Ribs w/ pineapple guava glaze

Pan Seared Beef Tournados w/ apple brandy cream sauce.  Tomato Jam w/ potato hash & sautéed chard

Cubano Sandwich by popular demand—  pork, ham & swiss w/ mustard & pickle on Cuban bread


~ Full Tapas Menu ~

DessertsExpanded Dessert Offerings:


Key Lime Pie

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Carrot Cake


Rainbow, Dinosaur, and Swiss Chard, Fresh Grown & Organic! What’s to become of it?

 A great veggie special, that’s what! Come in Friday for 
Roasted Vegetarian Napoleon.

also on the menu:

Cuban Sliders topped w/ caramelized onions & avocado


Music This Fall

Sensemaya – 9/19
Mundo Nuevo – 10/24
Elizabeth Kasius & Heard – 11/21
The Nellies – Victorian Stroll, 12/7
Mundo Nuevo – 12/19

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Metroland Best of Food & Drink 2014: Best Cuban: Carmen’s Cafe

Metorland Best of Food & Drink 2014: Best Cuban: Carmen’s Cafe

by Metroland Staff on July 24, 2014 ·

But you already knew we made the best Cuban food!
In addition to the six— yes, count ’em, six— 2014 Metroland Reader’s Poll wins, Carmen just snatched the prize for Best Cuban.

We know there was never a Best Cuban before but they created the category just for us. We’ll call that a win!

And that was before we had all these garden fresh tomatoes on hand–Imagine what we’ll be doing with them all week!

Patrons gathering at bistro tables outside Carmen's Cafe at 198 1st Street Troy, NY 12180

Best Cuban: Carmen’s Cafe

Mofongo Now!

Mofongo” by Diane – originally posted to Flickr as PUERTO RICO. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

You start with green plantains, mash them up pretty well. Add roasted red sweet peppers, sautéed portabellas, and peas.

The traditional way to serve this is in a big lump, with meat on top. We like a different style, and we’ll compare ours to anyone’s. We make wafers, about a quarter inch thick and 2″ across. You can have it with beef or as a vegetarian, gluten free dish, and it’s wonderful either way. Friday night and thru the weekend.

Friday Evening Tapas for May 16

Download-MenuButtonFriday May 16

Coctel de Gambas y Aguacate avocado and shrimp cocktail 16

Ropa Vieja shredded beef w/crispy ricecakes & pureed black beans 15

Costillitas de Cerdo roasted pork spareribs w/guava-pineapple glaze 13

Braised Chicken w/sundried tomatoes over saffron rice 14

Grilled Vegetables w/crispy polenta and a sweet pea puree 12

Marinated Manchego w/garlic-rosemary olive oil, marcona almonds, and sun-dried cherries 8

Crispy Artichokes lightly floured and served w/aioli 8

Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms topped with manchego cheese 8

Patatas Bravas crispy potatoes w/spicy aioli and sea salt 5

Pan Caramelized Brussels Sprouts w/ balsamic reduction 5

Salmon Pate… served w/capers, cornichon and toasted pita 10

Empanadas 1 for 3.5 | 2 for 6.5
choice of filling:

  • meat seasoned with olives capers onions
  • veggie with spinach mushrooms and plantains

Rice and Beans white rice, black beans 4

Yucca Fries Cuban root vegetable 4

Platanos fried ripe plantains 4


Flan 5
Fresh Berry Cheesecake 6
Chocolate Sour Cream Cake 6

What are you doing for Mother’s Day?

flowersHere at Carmen’s, we are passing out flowers to mothers, so we’d suggest a reservation for a wonderful meal!

Sunday May 11 Only!

Ahi Tuna topped w/ pickled watermelon salad over spring greens

Eggs Benedict Crab Cakes w/ our homemade hollandaise sauce

Double Chocolate-Strawberry Pancakes the name says it all.

Full Breakfast Menu here.

Full Lunch Menu here.

Cuban Celebration: Wednesday Feb. 5 from 1-3

Cuban Celebration:

Wednesday Feb. 5 from 1-3
Featuring tastes of our new products:

Fentiman’s Botanical Sodas

Cuban Bread from Papito’s Bakery

New Tapas Samples

Celebrate our expanded hours:
Wednesday, Thursday: 11-6
Friday: 11-10
Saturday & Sunday: 9-4
Free Weekday Delivery to Downtown Troy w/ $15 Minimum

Cuban Bread

Cuban Bread
straight from the source
We are now importing Pan Cubano, made the Cuban way, all the way from the source— Papita’s Cuban Bakery in New Jersey’s Little Havana! We drove down specifically to get these beauties, and we’ll be bringing them in fresh twice a week so our flavors are more authentic.

The little ones are Media Noches (middle of the night), a sweeter bread, more like Challah, but just as tasty!


Tapas Samples!
Try tastes of our famous tapas— we’ll have Jamon Serrano, Marinated Manchego with Marcona Almonds, fine cheeses and fresh fruits. We’ll pass out sips of Sangria and our fruit soft drinks!

Fentiman's Sodas

Fentiman’s Sodas
Imported from England, these botanical soft drinks feature complex combinations of flavors, distilled and fermented from herbs and spices.

Reduced sugar, eminently satisfying, they are a delicious alternative to mass-market soft drinks.


Cleanse your palate– build your body right
with Carmen’s half and whole Garden Salads

Chicken B.L.A.T

All w/ our own cole slaw:
Cubano– star of the show!
Sliders– Cuban burgers w/caramelized onions
Black Bean Burger– fresh and tasty, vegetarian, w/ lettuce, onion, & tomato on artisan roll
Cuban Roast Beef– marinated in seasoned herbs, roasted to perfection
Grilled Cheese– on artisan bread, w/ zucchini, caramelized onions and our own fresh jalapeño jelly

Vegetarian Huevos Flamenco

Vegetarian Huevos Flamenco

All home made and tasty

Flamenco– yes, our favorite egg dish starts with a stew! And it’s still great without the eggs. Available w/ chorizo or vegan
Tomato Basil Bisque– creamy and delicious
Chicken Noodle– Cuban style w/ tomato broth and cilantro
Caldo Gallego– Cuban beans & greens w/ chorizo


with real Pan Cubano!
We have always built great Cubanos, now they are even better! We start with Pan Cubano, authentic Cuban bread (or a Media Noche if you prefer, a bit sweeter and just as delicious.

We layer it with Pork, Ham, Swiss Cheese, and Pickles, add a dab of Mustard and wow, what a flavor!


What’s Carmen’s without Flan for dessert? What a great way to top off a meal


Cuban Valentine’s with
Mundo Nuevo!
Next Friday, Feb. 14. Reserve early for this heartful evening with our favorite musicians


~ Full Tapas Menu Here ~

~ Full Breakfast Menu Here ~

~ Full Lunch Menu Here ~

We’ve come up with some great new dishes— check out the pictures below.
In addition to these, we have a new recipe for Hot Spiced Cider, perfect for taking off the chill, and all our usual taste delights. Sample our Wine Cocktails: Bloody Marys, Cosmopolitans and Mimosas. Perfect for a light sip while keeping a clear head for the day!

Vegan Huevos Flamenco

Eggnog French Toast

Eggnog French Toast
In the Holiday Spirit
Our delightful French Toast made with Amazing Eggnog (the favorite of our Holiday Party!) Get it with bacon for the perfect sweet-salty combo!

We bring you the best and the freshest!
We take special delight in surprising you with amazing food.
Just ask our servers, we always have goodies for our vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free friends.

House-cured Smoked Bacon

Fresh Bacon
We cure, smoke and slice our bacon, fresh for you. Chorizo sausage too. Why? It tastes sooooooo good, and because we care.

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