What’s for Breakfast? Try Cuban-Spanish-American Cuisine in a Bistro Setting


Two Eggs any style with home fries, toast and coffee 5

Two Eggs any style with home fries, toast & choice of ham or house cured bacon 7
w/house cured chorizo 8
w/chorizo or veggie hash 9

Cuban Eggs Eggs to order with rice, black beans, plantains and sliced avocado 9

Eggs Jimbo Two eggs served over sauteed spinach and mushrooms, with home fries & toast 9

Huevos Flamenco Eggs served in a stew of chorizo, peppers, onions, and potatoes in a spicy tomato broth; served with a Portuguese roll 9

Ranch Eggs Two eggs sunny side up, mashed black beans, tomato chili sauce and lime creme; served with a slice of Texas toast and choice of chorizo or veggie hash 10


Three Egg Omelet w/home fries & toast 6
& cheese (Cheddar or Swiss) 7.5
w/Manchego cheese 8.5

Ricardo Three egg omelet made with chorizo hash and manchego cheese; Served with plantains and toast 11

Lucy Three egg omelet made with spinach, mushrooms & swiss cheese; served with home fries and toast 10

Little Ricky Three egg omelet made with ham, tomato and cheddar cheese; served with home fries and toast 10


House Made Pancake & MultiGrain Mix

Three Pancakes w/butter & syrup 6
-short stack (2) 5

Three Blueberry or Banana 8
-short stack (2) 7

Three MultiGrain 8
-short stack (2) 7

Three Blueberry or Banana MultiGrain 9
-short stack (2) 8

DeluxeTwo regular pancakes, two slices ham or house cured bacon, two eggs 8.5
w/house made chorizo patty 9
w/house made chorizo hash or veggie hash 10

DeluxeTwo multigrain pancakes, two slices ham or house cured bacon, two eggs 9.5
w/house made chorizo patty 10
w/house made chorizo hash or veggie hash 10.5

French Toast

French Toast Three slices, grilled to perfection, served w/seasonal fruit 7

Flan French Toast Dipped in flan mixture & served w/caramel sauce, whipped cream & fruit 9.5


Whole Wheat, Multi Grain, Rye or Pumpernickel 1.5

Portuguese Roll 2


Four Slices of House Cured Bacon 4

Three Slices of Ham 3

Two House Made Chorizo Patties 4.5

House Made Chorizo or Veggie Hash 5

Plantains 3

Yucca Fries 3

Home Fries 2

Eggs (1) .75 • (2) 1.5


Coffee or Tea 1.75

Espresso 2.5

Cortado (Cuban latte) 4

Herbal Teas 2.5

Juices sm 2 • lg 3

Fentiman’s Soda (made from natural botanicals) 3

Friday Evening Tapas for May 16

Download-MenuButtonFriday May 16

Coctel de Gambas y Aguacate avocado and shrimp cocktail 16

Ropa Vieja shredded beef w/crispy ricecakes & pureed black beans 15

Costillitas de Cerdo roasted pork spareribs w/guava-pineapple glaze 13

Braised Chicken w/sundried tomatoes over saffron rice 14

Grilled Vegetables w/crispy polenta and a sweet pea puree 12

Marinated Manchego w/garlic-rosemary olive oil, marcona almonds, and sun-dried cherries 8

Crispy Artichokes lightly floured and served w/aioli 8

Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms topped with manchego cheese 8

Patatas Bravas crispy potatoes w/spicy aioli and sea salt 5

Pan Caramelized Brussels Sprouts w/ balsamic reduction 5

Salmon Pate… served w/capers, cornichon and toasted pita 10

Empanadas 1 for 3.5 | 2 for 6.5
choice of filling:

  • meat seasoned with olives capers onions
  • veggie with spinach mushrooms and plantains

Rice and Beans white rice, black beans 4

Yucca Fries Cuban root vegetable 4

Platanos fried ripe plantains 4


Flan 5
Fresh Berry Cheesecake 6
Chocolate Sour Cream Cake 6

Making A Hash Of It

This video doesn’t exist

Dicing technique and ingredients for the Chorizo and Veggie Hashes.

Note that we don’t mention chemicals or preservatives, because we don’t add them, ever! Just spices, fresh smoked meats and veggies.

And flavor. We put in plenty of flavor, too.